Franchise Technical Support

At 2 Touch POS™ we manage our system for providing technical support to customers by adherence to our internal quality standards.  In keeping with this philosophy, we have technical support available to our Franchise Units 24/7.


If you know of a customer who is having a problem you can tell them to call our technical support center any time from wherever they are. Your customers receive support from the corporate call center.  So do you! If you’re having a problem setting up your office, using the software, or networking your office, our staff is available to provide you with what you need!  Franchise Owners will have access to the call center personnel.




Expect Great Support for Your Franchise!

Ongoing Support

You will receive periodic updates from our team, remote and on-demand assistance and other ongoing support functions. In addition, our team will schedule refresher training sessions and business planning meetings to ensure you and your team can stay on top of trends and participate in training that is helpful, targeted and effective.  You’ll be in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

Correct Allocation of Time

We provide you access to Franchise Support through our Franchise Recruiters and Key Office Personnel. We will spend time with you to develop processes across the three main aspects of  business: growing sales, increasing returns and operational excellence.  Our support includes webinars, e-learning and interaction. Using the 2 Touch POS™ Brand means using our process.

At 2 Touch POS™...We Get in the Trenches

Members of the corporate team are assigned to work side-by-side with franchisees to show them how it’s done.  Think back to a time when your leader got along side you when you needed some help... we will be there when you need us.

Live by the Numbers

We want YOU to drive your results. We provide you with the tools to have the numbers at your finger tips. With our state of the art "CRM" you will be able to see YOUR customers, the cases that have been created and all of the notes pertaining to technical support and involvement with your customers. It is this kind of same page thinking that we know will propel you to reach your goals. Everyone is in touch with the numbers and facts constantly.

Action Speaks Louder than Words

You'll get the Training, You'll get the Support, You'll have the TOOLS, the next part will be for YOU to take ACTION. 

We look forward to hearing from YOU!


2 Touch POS™ is everything you need; Start YOUR OWN Business !


A simple, intuitive, quality Franchise Offer.