Franchisee Training

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The 2Touch POS™ Corporate Office will provide a two-part pre-opening training program for franchisees.  A remote-learning program of at least one week (30-40 hours) will be required for franchisees to learn about the software and other aspects of the business that can be conveyed remotely.

Following the remote learning, franchisees will be trained at the headquarters in Rochester NY, or in any other location the franchisor identifies.  This phase will include a recap of the remote learning course, and considerable focus on selling skills and the company’s technology, call center, and other behind-the-scenes capabilities. 

  • A franchisee’s salespeople will also be required to complete a selling skills and product-focused course.



The role the 2 Touch POS™ Franchise training plays, is critical from both the franchisee and franchisor perspectives.  Our training presents the details and protocols necessary to operate in such a way that the integrity of the brand is maintained.  Our franchisees will begin their training based upon the topic of managing the requirements of our franchise structure as detailed in the franchise disclosure document.  The 2 Touch POS™ training then continues with structured training classes and materials that have been developed to support our franchise owners.  As a franchisee, your end of the bargain is to conscientiously follow the roadmap provided.  Our training provides just that; we show you the roadmap to follow which is the substantial part of learning about YOUR 2 Touch POS™ Franchise.

  • 2 Touch POS™ Corporate office staff will continue to attend conventions and conferences to validate the 2 Touch POS™ Product. 
  • New initiatives and programs may be included when planning for these events.


  • 2 Touch POS™ will also plan for annual meetings with agendas that are financially focused and may roll out new initiatives and training during the annual report.


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