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Franchise Equipment

You must own or purchase a computer that meets 2Touch POS™ Corporate specifications.  Your Corporate Computer will run our business management software, our demo program, and accounting software.  You will purchase our proprietary software and set up a fully functional office with the computer system needed to run your franchise. You can have more than one computer if you want;  what you actually set up is up to you just as long as the system meets our specifications.

When your franchise starts out your office technology is a necessity!  Your Franchise will have limited equipment overhead.  As you sell 2 Touch POS™ systems you will be working with our fulfillment team to get the systems up and running.  The equipment that you sell will be sent directly to your customers.  Our partnership ensures that you have low equipment overhead.

When you are a 2 Touch POS™ franchise owner you sell the system and then work with our corporate office to get the system set up for your customers.  There is a continuing partnership.

The equipment that is sold to establishments is directly compatible with our software. The components are  built for the harsh environment in which they are used.  We test the hardware, work directly with the hardware providers, and we ensure through testing and implementation that the hardware used is a quality product that runs our software efficiently. What's great about being a 2 Touch POS™ Franchise owner is that our proven methods, testing, and research has already been done for you. We bring our expertise and proven methods to the table.  

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