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Coaching for Achievement with CRM

Some of you might think that Coaching is Training however; it is the process of receiving live interactive support.  Like the kind you might get during a phone call, or to provide additional collaboration when working with a lead.  Once you have joined the 2 Touch POS™ Franchise Family, you will be guided by an assigned Franchise Recruiter.  They will coach you through using our Customer Relationship Management Software.  They will assist you in setting up your Franchise Office and will coach you through your initial advertising campaign, your introduction to businesses (who needs our software), and you'll have someone to call to help you close the deal if and when you need it.

Your 2 Touch POS Franchise will operate through the use of consolidated software.  You will have access to office 365 but better yet your entries are shared in a Customer Relationship Management system.  We will be able to see orders, invoices, cases, technical support, and additional notes, our team documents every situation they handle and we can look at everything together.  Better yet, once you enter a potential customer into the CRM system an automated lead acquisition process begins.  This supports you through a sequential sales process to advance your new lead through a series of steps moving toward acquiring the sale.  We suggest that you really get to know your potential customer and follow the sequence to bring the customer on-board.  Together we compile your customer history; so that we can coach you through using the information available to make the sale, process the order, and in the long-run keep your customers happy.

Using the Customer Relationship Management Software will provide us with a firm foundation to exchange information and to monitor progress.

Once you are a Franchise Owner we work together to support the client base.


Your Achievement is our Goal.

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