With a 2 Touch POS TM Francise you'll get support and the benefits that come from owning YOUR Franchise Business!

A Franchise Designed with YOU in mind.....

Benefits and Franchisor Support

  • You'll have access to a CRM System designed to monitor and adjust your interaction with your customers. This will also provide opportunities to develop a monthly residual income.
  • 2TouchPOS™ is a Versatile System that will spur sound business practices for your franchise and for the customers you serve.
  • Benefit of franchising with 2 Touch POS™ is that you will have the ability to build a solid business foundation to grow your business. 
  • You have the ability to check your business from wherever you are with cloud services. 
  • You will have access to our proprietary high performance technology.
  • You will receive comprehensive training and sales consulting.
  • You can develop your territory and hire additional representatives to expand your business.
  • With our product you have little overhead.
  • The corporate office provides customers with installation, support and ongoing technical services all coordinated in our CRM.
  • Our system includes specific technology, materials and procedures to promote success with our customers and Franchise Owners.
  • We offer 24/7 Technical Support.
  • We provide systems configuration and installation services.
  • Our hardware provider stands behind their product and offers solid warranties to customers.
  • Our busness management software is available to Franchise Owners.


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2 Touch POS is everything you need; Start YOUR OWN Business !


A simple, intuitive, quality Franchise Offer.




Support Overview Console

Coaching with CRMCoaching with CRM

Coaching with CRM

Franchise Level Support, Geographic Assignment, Support Center, and ongoing coaching.


Exclusive access to our preferred hardware, payment processors and office technologies.
Franchise TrainingFranchise Training

Franchise Training

Training Opportunities for ALL learner styles.
Technical Support CenterTechnical Support Center

Technical Support Center

This page is dedicated to describing what the 2TouchPOS process will be for your customers. The Franchise owner will direct their customers to our Call Support Center where we will ensure that they become well versed with how to use 2 Touch POS. Our Support Center will provide your customers with ongoing support.