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Your 2 Touch POS™ Industry Technology Franchise

Serving a Broad Potential Client Base in an Immense & Growing Industry

The National Restaurant Association forecasts that, in the huge and continually growing restaurant industry, total sales will reach nearly $800 billion[1].  Yet; making sure that sales exceed expenses is a frequent challenge for Industry operators. 

Establishment owners need to control purchases, inventory, waste, unauthorized comps, over-pouring, theft, and a host of other issues that can impact their bottom lines. In the bar business alone, our research has told us that as many as 89% of owners lack a good point-of-sale system!


This is where Your Franchise comes in...

Whether you work with new businesses as they launch, or help existing businesses migrate to a modern POS system;  you will be able to provide valuable solutions to a wide variety of clients. Customers that are new owners or existing restaurants of all types, bars, nightclubs, and more -- whether they are single units with just one POS terminal, or multiple-location chains with dozens of employees using dozens of terminals;  your Franchise will be able to handle them all.

The market for Point of Sales Systems is highly competitive.  So it makes us think that if you want to own this franchise you will have a strong competitive spirit and you’ll enjoy that fact that competition from other Point of Sale brands will be evident.  So yes;  you’ll have to be ready to compete but more important; to succeed you’ll need to compete and WIN!

You will want to size up competitive brands; and we can show you how owning the 2 Touch POS™ brand well, is significantly different.  The 2 Touch POS™ brand offers features that support faster transaction speeds, controls through system set up so that your employees only do what is expected, and our brand offers an automated process to boost productivity.

It is our plan to designate a Protected Territory to YOUR Franchise. 

Your Territory is designated according to:
  • your living location
  • willingness to travel
  • and ability to implement and use technology. 

Together we will continue to develop the 2TouchPOS™ Brand and maximize general public recognition in each geographic area.

Your Business; Your Territory; Your Clientele!

The Franchise Disclosure Document Agreement further describes how we will work together to promote your franchise and keep the material creative, professional and FULL of IMPACT

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