In order to 'Fully Qualify' additional information may be requested.

Our Franchise Qualification Process Steps:

Step 1: Complete the initial Connect With US Form
Step 2: Understand the 2 Touch POS™ Franchise Concept
             Discuss Goals / Tell us where you live
Step 3: Begin Operations Overview. Determine "Fit" with your Franchise Recruiter
Step 4: Complete Qualification Form
             Upon Review YOUR Franchise Recruiter will forward FDD
Step 5: Complete initial Online Training: Marketing and Recruiting Webinar
             Review Options for Discovery Dates  
Step 6: FDD Document Review and Prepare for Discovery Day
            Review Franchise Agreement with Territory DEFINED
            Executive Interview with CEO and Operations Team
Step 7: Discovery Day
             Meet the Team and Ensure Cultural fit
             Be prepared for the potential award of the 2 Touch POS Franchise! With Funding in Place;  agreements will be READY to Sign.  

Upon completion of the Request for Consideration or Qualification Survey we will conduct an initial check with the information that you provide. As we progress and get into Discovery Mode there will be additional information requested. Such as the completion of a Confidential Financial Statement; and the completion of a 1099 form so that we have your Social Security Number on file; bank account numbers and more definitive account histories.

Now you know our process! If you are not registered; Complete our Connect with us Form!


2 Touch POS™ is everything you need; Start YOUR OWN Business !


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