Your Franchise Price Tag

Any fees are imposed uniformly on all franchisees.  The fees are categorized into 2 groups; as an Initial Franchise Fee and Conversion Fees for candidates who are currently selling 2 Touch POS™ Products and Services.  Just as with any business, there will be expenses.  The Financial Disclosure Document explains all business start up costs in detail. 

Some of your budget  requirements may already be covered depending upon whether or not you  have an office.  Other start up costs include Brand Development, Digital Development,  Local Social Media Marketing, Cooperative Advertising, Onsite Training (optional), fees for the use of our software, fees for our required Customer Relationship Management System, and office and communication software packages.  We would expect that you would need proprietary Microsoft Software.

Possible Consultation

2 Touch POS™ encourages attorney review of all business documents.  This consultation will be an additional expense depending upon what you hire your lawyer to do. During the first few months of Franchise Development, there may be ongoing expenses.  Planning for these expenses will help you to stay on top during these first 90 days while you are building your business.

Complete our Contact Form to speak with an Franchise Recruiter, they will let you know our process for receiving the Financial Disclosure Document.



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