Financing YOUR Franchise

You’re probably wondering why you need financing….

If you’re about to start a franchise, you’ve made a great move.  You will have the independence and flexibility of a small business owner with the infrastructure and support of a large corporation.  Generally, a franchise comes with a fair share of fees.

It is possible that you may not have planned for the capital to cover the franchise costs that you weren’t planning for.  You’ll probably want to check out your franchise financing options.  There are several franchise lending guides to assist you in weighing your options. You and your team will have to review each one to determine the best course of action.  


~Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being a small business owner, but starting from scratch isn’t up your alley.  Franchise ownership might be right for you.  As a franchisee, you have the best of both worlds.  You can live out your entrepreneurial dream, but under the support of a proven business model.~


Franchisees have to cover the startup costs.  That’s where franchise lending comes in.  Luckily, there are business loans that you can use to start or grow your franchise.  There are options out there for potential franchise owners regarding how to cover expenses.  2 Touch POS™ does have a qualification process. We carefully review your financial status because we want you to be able to afford the 90 day start up that is necessary to begin your business.

When you add up all these fees, the cost of starting and running your franchise can be steep.  To cover these costs, you can take out a variety of small business loans to finance your  franchise.

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